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How long does it take for Humira to start working?

I've been tapering off prednisone and started Humira about 5 weeks ago. When I was on 40 mg of pred I felt at my best. But now that I'm tapering my Crohn's symptoms are creeping back. Is that normal? I figured the Humira would have been kicking in by now. I'm feeling a little discouraged because this disease has just been awful to me. I want to feel normal again....
I started Humira end of October and tapered off Entocort by week 5...symptoms immediately came back with my joints and bathroom visits.

My GI put me back on Entocort 9mg daily with Humira I am starting to feel good!!!! (Predisone 50mg was instant relief for me too)

My GI informed me after the 90 days I most likely with go on an Humira weekly with a maintenance pill.

My Flare started in August it was the worst ever and I am VERY lucky no surgery!

Ask your doctor to add maybe Entocort to your routine for 90 days it’s like a lifeboat to help the Humira start to really work for you. It took me 14 days before it really worked good together.

Good Luck!!