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How long does one stay on Humira?

:sign0085:I have had pain in the right side of my abdomen, at my surgery site. I am on Humira, Budesonide, and Loperimide to control the "D". My "D" has been gradually getting worse over the last few months. More trips to the bathroom, more pain.

Yesterday I went to the G.I. and he has put me on Flagyl. He says there is a possibility that I could have a bacterial infection. If that is what is going on, hopefully Flagyl will beat it down and that will be it. However, if not, he has also scheduled me for a colonoscopy on Feb. 8th. He wants to take a look at what is going on in there. He said that it probably is the Crohn's. He said that we would probably need to "tweak" my Humira prescription. I suspect that means going to weekly injections, or adding methotrexate.

I hope I'm wrong. I have been on Humira since June of 2011. If my body is adjusting to the med this quickly, there are only so many biologics out there that are approved for Crohn's. What am I going to do in 5 years or so if I can take any of those anymore? :depressed:


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I really hope that it is just a bacterial infection and the flagyl gets it under control! If your dosage is being upped, does that mean your body is rejecting it? I hope thats not the case and you can stay on the Humira a while longer. Hope you feel better soon
I posted a thread similar to this. I am told to be on Humira for all my life really unless it stops working. But i just dont see any review from the medical field or from forums of Humira users for longer than 3 years at most. This drug was out since 2002. Really confused.
I have used Humira since 2008.. so will be 5 years this summer. Has been working fine with me.. no sign of symptoms from my nasty Crohns. However my Humira was started right after a surgery to remove some strictures and so on a "healthy" intestine to prevent a new flare that up to now would not go in remission since diagnosed in 1993. The thing is no one can be sure if its Humira or the extensive surgeryes that have me now in remission. Yeat not very willing to go off this medication either partially for the exact reason of this thread. What meds are there after Humira?

Dough I hope that IF you need to just up the dose of humira that will help you out and you will still get a wanted effect from the drug. Sad how we lose effects of meds.. and even sadder that the choice of new ones is way too small. :(
Sorry to hear this Doug, I fear having this same thing happen to me in a few years. You are right at the mean time from surgery that a good percentage of people need another surgery. Let us know how the scope went but whatever is found you will face it with the rest of us. New medications are coming out for Crohns all the time, there will be a cure someday. Have you tried a probiotic? I recommend VSL#3
I had the scope today. The pain in the abdomen was not from what we thought. No inflammation found. What was found...scaring from my anastomosis had significantly closed off the passage. The doc dilated the area. Hopefully that will take care of the issue. I will stay on the current treatment.
When your doctor says he thinks you have an infection, does he know which infection or is he just giving flagyl without knowing this.
6mp... My hair fell out and I was miserable on it. Then I went to pentasa and after taking it for a while I started getting a rash... Now on Lialda but wondering if the four pills a day is making me more gassy bloated and yucky?
When your doctor says he thinks you have an infection, does he know which infection or is he just giving flagyl without knowing this.
I had markers of a low grade infection. Slightly raised fever, raised white blood cell count. So this was a reasonable approach.