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How long for Imuran to wear off?

I've been on it for five years, the last two in conjunction with Remicade. In the last year, I've had recurring colds, strep throat, oral thrush, yeast infections. Two months ago my peripheral neuropathy came back, then my hair started falling out. Not sure if those are related. My GI has finally decided to take me off Imuran, since it's causing so much trouble. He didn't say how long it would be in my system. This is a relief, but also scary. I'm hoping the Remicade will keep me in remission.


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New York, USA
Imuran itself should be out of your system within a day...however any effects from it of could may/should take longer to correct themselves. There are many articles on line that give the pharmacological half life and assorted information.
Thanks. I did google it. People posting have said that it takes anywhere from three weeks to three months. If it takes 8-12 weeks for it to take effect, I was just wondering if it takes that long for the effects to subside. I just want to feel better.