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How long more do I have to have my stoma bag on for?

Hello everyone. So basically I had a abscess on my colon and got a surgery done in September of 2016. Since then I have had a stoma bag attached which the infection falls into it. Just wondering how long more do I have to have the bag on for or is this permanent?
I think this is a very individual question. Everyone heals at different rates or responds differently to medication. This is a question best answered by your medical team
I have a ileostomy to help heal my fistula. Had it done last year in July, my fistula kept getting infected and abscessing all the time, antibiotics did little help even with a seton. I still have the seton in fistula, the stoma did help my infections. I am now on Stelara and feeling better, hoping to keep getting better and at some point in the future to reverse ileostomy. The stoma surgery was not to bad - a lot less pain and discomfort now then living with infected fistula. Stoma is a challenge on itself - took a while to figure out what bags and barriers to use, how long to keep on till change, skin issues, etc.