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How long of a large bowel can you get away with?

how long of a large bowel can you get away with?

been told that the large bowel will be operated on and that about 10 inches or so will be left, anyone have any experience of this and how it affects how many times a day you end up going to the toilet?, doc said that the portion left will adapt over a short time and through the use of loperamide imodium etc it will act near normal, but would like to hear from folks that have actually had this done as i dont want to end up worse off than i am at the moment,
thanks, george.
Hi George, I had 80 cm removed (not sure what that is in inches) consequently I visit the loo between 8-12 times a day and its always diarrhea. I don't want to sound too negative but my GI told me that in time things will improve and balance themselves out. I'm still hoping after 16 months that they do.

Best of luck with the surgery. When is it scheduled for? Let us know how you get on.

heya cycrohnsguy, thanks for the reply im currently on 7 x5mg of pred and tapering down by 5mg per week till i get worse and then call up for surgery, thats if i agree to it or pile up on the pred again, lol, as it gives me a bit of freedom at least away from the house been in your situation too many times in that past and to go through another op and end up worse would be the last nail in the coffin, fingers crossed that your bowels kick in and get back to a near normality
thanks, george.
thought id give this a bump up to see if theres anyone else with similar experiences of having a lot of large bowel removed, my way of thinking is im going to be worse off than i am now