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How long?

I misplayed my bottle of Entocort and so I didn't take any yesterday. I don't think insurance will cover for a new bottle because it was only a week ago that I bought this one. How long can I go without the Entocort?
I cant answer the first at all unfortunately but steroids do result in the adrenal cortex ceasing their own steroid output due to there being no need, so ceasing will give you a shortfall which could make you dizzy, sick, tired and probably a few other discomforts.
I have never taken Entocort.

But I have had a ton of problems with prednisone before and started taking it 7 or 8 weeks ago. I have have very bad sweating issues when taking it the higher the dose the more sweat (I keep ice packs in my pockets at work). The huge issue for me is when i drop down the dose; I get the pukes, shits, shakes, hot flashes, cold flashes, and stabbing pains.