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How long

I'm not following the SCD and I have colitis, so I'm not sure helpful this will be. Thought to mention I'm following a diet idea. It's a personalized diet where I eat the same foods. I began this diet in March. By the end of April I was greatly improved with the stomach. I pretty much was no longer ill, with exceptions that to much fiber or exercise could bring on a stomach attack.

I'm still following the personalized diet today. As a result I'm healthier still to the stomach. It's rare to be ill. Energy wise, I'm not all that great. Mornings can be tough as I'm a bit in a fog. Evenings are typically better, with more energy.

Eventually I'll be adding new foods to the diet. Frustratingly this is where I've run into problems in the past. It seems to take time to damage the stomach. That is my suspicion. It makes pinpointing problematic food(s) tough.
I think it depends on how sick you are. Your stomach will need time to heal the inflammation after you've switched to a diet that's no longer causing it. This could take 2 weeks or more before you really start feeling your symptoms disappear.
My son was very, very sick when he was first diagnosed. Serious weight loss (down to almost 56lbs at one point), severe cramping pain, fever, diarrhea, vomiting, joint pain, headaches, etc. We started him on the SCD diet and saw almost all the symptoms gone in almost 2 weeks. He could barely walk and in two weeks he put on several pounds and could jog around a little. I really believe in this diet - may not help everyone but we really saw it work! Unfortunately, since he is a teenager, he didn't stick to it over the past couple of years and so has been up and down with his Crohn's and flaring, also on Prednisone a couple times. He is actually going back on the diet tomorrow - I think he finally got tired of feeling sick and decided he wants to try it again, even though it's restrictive. We'll see how it goes this time around and I will try to update on how long it takes to see improvement. He is currently off of all meds but experiencing weight loss, nausea, cramping, and chronic diarrhea, so we are going back to the diet and see what happens...
My friend has UC and swears that SCD healed him completely. He was very close to a total colectomy, and tried the diet as a last-ditch effort. This was probably 7 years ago and he is since then symptom free, medication free. Amazing story. His doctor couldn't believe it.

I likely would've dismissed the SCD as snake-oil BS had I not heard my friend's personal testimony.

If SCD works for you, its obvious that one needs to stick with it forever and 100%. Its like your body runs on diesel now, and you can never switch back to regular gas. :) Luckily, I've been bodybuilding since 1996, and have always followed a crazy diet, so transitioning to SCD has been really easy.

Also, luckily the gluten free trend, as well as the prevalence of Whole Foods, Sprouts, etc., has made the SCD diet much easier to follow, as well as the easy access to a community and recipes through the Internet. Its the best time ever to be on SCD.:biggrin: