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How Many Endoscopic Procedures Have You Had?

It gets a bit hard to remember - butt here goes (pun intended)
6 colonoscopies; 3 gastroscopies; 1 Pillcam;1 x 24hr PH testing;

In addition a heck of a lot of barium based tests including CT, small follow through and some wierd thick shake and being tilted and xrayed. I swear I glow in the dark now:shifty:
Hi Brian

The PH testing was for my LERD and GERD to determine the levels of my reflux disease. After that test I then had surgery - nissen fundoplication and hernia repair. That sorted all my LERD and GERD and enabled me to stop vomitting and to sleep lying down for the first time in two years - it was a great relief.
More colonscopies than I care to count, lol! But the first one diagnosed me, the biopsy from it did. I'd had symptoms for over a year, just didn't know what it was until I called a G.I. and scheduled an appt. He promptly scheduled the first scope. And have had the upper G.I. (esophagogastroduodenoscopy) 2-3 times for gastritis. And the lovely barium shakes with xrays many times too.
3 colonoscopies in the past six months, 4 endoscopes in the past year, oh and a pill cam tomorrow, after having an endo/colonoscopy today. Yay prepping twice in one week :duh:
Having to prep twice within four days is the pits. Had my colon/upper endoscopy today and having my pillcam Monday which means prep Sunday again. Ugh it's poopy hehehehe


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I honestly have no idea. o_O After 21 years, you lose count. :p

For remission though you have an endoscopy and colonoscopy every few years (like 3-5years) just to check and make sure things are ok unless you switch GI docs (all the ones I've had like to do their own even if you're in remission and had one done the year before by another GI).