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How much 6mp?



I know that you are supposed to take imuran based on your weight. My previous doctor tinkered with mine for a while --> Started at 75 and went up to 100mg per day. I recently started going to a new GI and he may change my meds, including the imuran. I weigh about 130 and take 100 mg...

How much do you take?


well, my DR really messed up with me and Imuran I think. she started me right off with 175 mg a day, and I felt so weak and sick I had to come off of it. guess I will never know if it would have worked for me if I had taken it properly, I will never take it again if I can help it.
hope the 6mp works for you.


My GI goes by weight. I think it's 50mg per 50 lbs. I'm currently taking 200mg a day.