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How quickly can a fistula form?

I'd like to hear people's thoughts on how quickly a fistula can form. I had an MRI at the beginning of September where the radiologist said it looked like there was some activity in the intestinal wall between two inflamed loops that looked like it was headed towards a fistula. I'm wondering what kind of clock this might be on. I imagine it varies a lot, but would be curious about how quickly this can happen. I've had D for over a week now which is unusual for me and am wondering if there may be a connection there (no pun intended). One other factor is that I started Remicade recently about 4 days before the partial obstruction that kicked off this round of D. I'd appreciate any expertise or thoughts you all might have.


They can form rather fast but like you said it varies. Mine happened within a few short weeks because I'm not sure exactly. Remicade is the best drug as of now to heal fistulas so hopefully that does the trick.