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How quickly develop resistance to Infliximab and what happened next ?

just found out that developing antibodies to Infliximab about 10 months after starting this treatment.

Like to know how long others had before starting to develop resistance.

Also, after developing resistance how soon afterwards started to get flares and symptoms recurring.

Thanks in advance.
Hi. I was on it once and after several months decided it was too expensive. I took myself off of it which was a big mistake. In 2010, I developed an obstruction which I had surgery for in April. My doctor put me back on it in November of that same year. I don't remember specifics but I think it was the following year that I had a lesion develop in my scalp because of the Remicade. It didn't respond to antibiotics and I needed surgery to remove the lesion. They put me on Stelara next which personally didn't do anything for me. I am currently on Humira
I am running on 8 years with remicade and (fingers crossed) no signs of resistance developing. Healthiest I have been as an adult.
Thanks for reply. Hope Humira works for me as it has for you. They are going to wait for a bit before moving me across. Give me a higher dose more regularly.