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How sick is too sick for Remicade infusion?

:sign0085:Hi guys, sorry it's been awhile since I've posted but life has been totally nuts lately!

Anyway, I've had this sinus infection/flu for about a week-no fever, just aching, congestion. I went to the dr. last Friday and I can't seem to get a straight answer about if it's OK to go ahead with my Remi infusion Wednesday. I took MTX shot and nothing seems to have changed...how do you know when you are too sick for the infusion?
Are you on any antibiotics? Because if you are you shouldn't get remicade and you should wait 24-48 hours after you fininish them to get treatment.

Did you happen to ask your GP or your GI? I had an infection and my GP said it was OK to get treatment, but my GI said a big "no"! I would try and contact your GI and if you can't call your remicade clinic and ask. I see you live in the US so I`m not sure if you can just call up your clinics or remicade companies for free like Canada.

ANYWHO, having no fever is a good sign. When I talked to the remicade company in my province they pretty much told me that being sick won`t affect the remicade per say but having an infection or being sick with remicade puts stress on your immune system and could make your illness last longer or make you feel worse. So try to get your GI on the phone or contact your remicade clinic. Hoped that help!
I had an infusion while I had a cold and I was fine. You cant take it if you are on antibiotics or have a fever related illness.
:medal1: Inwe, good catch girl-you're awesome! Thanks so much, you really helped me-I never thought about getting two different answers from the doctors.

I had called my GP, told her my symptoms and she said it was fine.

But when I told my Rheumatologist, she made an appointment to see me the following day. She ordered bloodwork, a chest X ray, and pred plus antibiotics. My bloodwork showed really high white cell count, plus elevated inflammation markers. Waiting for the chest x ray to confirm but she suspects pneumonia. She said it could have been critical had I had the infusion, YIKES!

So for now I'm off MTX and pred for two more weeks and have to finish up all my meds before I start the Remicade again.

Gotta Love this forum! :hug: