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How soon can symptoms be back when starting to taper?

My taper started on Sat, woke up this morning in lots of pain. I haven't felt this crappy in a few weeks. Is it because I am starting my taper? Went from 9mg to 6 mg. I am miserable today, and ready to cry. Can't wait until I start Remicade, I sure hope it helps!
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Is it Pred.that you're tapering Kero ?
I was on it for four weeks during the summer,also tapering.During the third week I had an horrendous flare lasting five weeks.Lots of blood in the bowl each morning that needed two good flushes to clear.I felt as though it had backed up during the night.Other than that,I didn't feel too bad.It affects all of us differently.I hope you feel better soon.
I'm tapering from Entocort. Started in on Oct 16th@ 9mg, Started to taper on Sat, down to 6mg. I haven't eaten anything out of the ordinary. ugh :(


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Yes, for me it was a matter of a few days, it can definitely be that quick. The first time I was on Entocort, I tapered from 9 mg to 6 mg and felt pretty miserable rather quickly. Went back up to 9 mg for another few weeks and then was able to successfully taper to 6 mg. That was at my GI's instructions - apparently that's pretty common, sometimes you just need to be at the higher dose for a bit longer to get everything healed a little more before your body is ready to go to a lower dose. So, call your doctor and let them know what's happening and ask if it's okay to go up to 9 mg for a bit longer. Your doctor should hopefully be fine with that - they don't want you to suffer. Good luck and feel better!
Can happen very quickly. I'm on 20mg of Pred, down from 40mg. Dropping 5mg weekly & suddenly I'm getting discomfort & pale blood in my stools. Also the pain from my rectal crohns is awful & more worrying than that the horrible sinking pain from anastomosis.