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How soon does Entocort start working?

Hey guys,

I only just joined and "overshared" my story on one of the other threads.

Recently diagnosed after colonoscopy and started Entocort 9mg a week ago. My GP told me within a week I would feel better... well its been a week and I am still the same....

Any thoughts? Am I being impatient?

I just want to stop filling the loo with what looks like pond dredge!

Every cloud has a silver lining I suppose - I have battled my weight for years and have now lost a stone in two weeks.... although I could still do with losing a few pounds if it carries on like this I will be underweight for the first time in my life very soon!

hey lishyloo and welcome :)
ive only been on entocort once and it was a pretty long time ago, but im fairly sure that more than a week is needed to test it out.
theres a couple members on here who are on it or have been recently so hopefully theyll come in here with some better info.
good luck!
from memory, it took about 2 weeks before I saw a difference? Not what you want to hear, I know, but when it started to work, I did feel better xx
it should take about a week and a half to start working. if it hasn't yet then i doubt it will.

i know it happened to me
Hospitalized for a flare that did not respond to my usual self medication with Prednisone (the first hit of 60 mg has always stopped my flares dead in their tracks), they got it stopped with the usual Solu-Medrol + pain and nausea meds and saline drip. Upon release, a week ago, I was sent home with Entocort for the first time. So far, no return of the flare, but, mine have never come back once they are stopped - so far! Don't worry, I am not getting overly confident. So, while my experience with Entocort appears to be a positive, I am not sure much can be made of it. Of course, now I am unsure what my approach will be next time around - back to self medication with Prednisone to stop the next flare or Entocort from now on? Amazed to see that the listed price for this prescription from Kaiser is $720.75!!! Yes, my co-pay is only $30, but, hey, Prednisone barely costs more than aspirin, which makes switching to Entocort seem like a pretty big step somehow. Seeing my GI-Guy next Friday, so will have to see what he has to say about those costs, whcih, granted I do not pay, but someone does.

Day 10 of Entocort and no change...is it too soon to expect to see a difference?
Entocort is usually given before they decide to go over to TNF blockers like remi or humira. It's often given together with anti-biotics, are you just on entocort or on antibiotics also? If after 2 or 3 weeks they don't see results they put people on TNF blockers for a few weeks in the clinic I go to.

If you're still feeling pain doesn't mean there is no change though, the mucosa has no nerve endings, you can't determine from pain if it's working or not.
OK Cool, thanks for that...no antibiotics at min just entocort and calcium tabs...next try is prednisone...have had 30cm removed already 9 yrs ago and hoping dont have to go through that again...last colonoscopy 2 weeks ago showed about 10 -12 cms so heres hoping the meds work!