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How to cope with the 'what ifs'

Hi there,

I was diagnosed with Crohn's in 2008 and have been in remission for about 7 years, although earlier in 2015 I had a colonoscopy and the biopsy showed signs of inflammation under the microscope.

Usually I am positive, however after a recent bad reaction to Azathioprine/Imuran (and some heart issues which aren't serious), it got me thinking that I am not invincible and I've started having a few thoughts like:

What if I have more bad reaction to medications?
What if none of the medications work for me?
What if I have complications?
What if I have to have more surgery?

Are there any tips on swapping these thoughts/stopping these thoughts? I was thinking of telling myself to take it one day at a time and not to worry about a future that isn't here (and won't be), however my mind has unusually been a bit of a runaway train as of late.


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I've been going through this for quite awhile. It's anxiety and it is treatable.
I had great success with cognitive behavioral therapy (CBT). It's worth discussing it with the doctor.
You may also want to look for some books on the topic.

Sending you my support.
So, I work with a life coach at my store. She says overtime I go down that path, literally pivot and for 17 sec think of something that makes you happy. I use the beach as my thought process. it starts to help. At night when I am starting get sick (like right now) all bets are off.

Hope things get better soon!

I understand what ur concerns are, but as you arent there now, it is kinda not worth the what ifs. Be thankful you ARE in remission, even if it is remission from symptoms. I have been symptomatic since 2010, and I still am. Jist had surgery in sept. and thought I was on my wsy yo feeling better for a long time, but for whatever reason my body reverts back to the way it was since 2010. I def have what ifs....
What if nothing works for me...
What if I can never get the docs to understand how much pain meds help control my symptoms for the time being...
What if I never am able to feel normal again...
What if I end up spending the rest of my life alone...
What if I cannot work anymore...
What if I cant take it anymore...
I know its easier said than done, believe me, but just try not to go there until theres actually a reason to really go there. When u fond utself doing so, just thank urself for sharing and try to let it go. Wishing u the best. Enjoy the holidays.
No worries. I honestly shouldnt be one to talk. Im just trying to help. All i do is worry lately. I cant get a break from feeling like crud. And only thing i n get relief from is pain meds and im so in my head about it, im getting to the point where i dont care anymore. Hope ur doing ok. And i hope my previous post didnt come off wrong, i was really just trying to be supportive and show a different perspective.
Take care
That's fine BigBoss, no your post was fine.

I like how you mentioned you need to 'not go there'.

I'll interrupt the thought patterns next time they come up.

Feel better BigBoss :)