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How to deal with nausea caused by Modulen?

Hi everyone

This is my first time and 5th day on Modulen. My clinical symptoms were resolved like 2 weeks before starting Modulen but blood tests show I still have an inflammation. The plan was that on day 4 I would go on full Modulen but on day 2 and 3 I had abdominal discomfort (after eating food or drinking Modulen or being at the toilet) and nausea (especially after eating food or drinking Modulen) and on day 3 I vomited after taking my med at night. Day 4 and 5 nausea mostly. I do sip it slowly. Dietician advised we go for some more days of having both Modulen and food to see how it goes. I emailed my GI and waiting for his advise and in the meantime I wanted to see how others have dealed with this? Any meds to help? Can it go away after a few more days? Elemental formulas are not available in Cyprus where I am based. I have searched the forum for posts on such issues with Modulen but I havent found anything.

thank you in advance!
Hi Guerrero,
Well it all started when I started Modulen. I have gastritis and I do have a stricture in small intestine, but symptoms started when I started Modulen.

my little penguin

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Do you have any other polymeric formulas? Over the counter stuff
In the US -ensure or boost are polymeric
Modulen is semi elemental
Drinking things slowly very cold over crushed ice can help
Do you have issues with milk ?
Nestle nutrition store has a long list of different types of formula that can be ordered
Abbott also has an online store and nutrica such as neocate splash
thank you very much for taking the time to share your thoughts and knowledge. :)

My understanding is that Modulen is polymeric, and is the one most extensively studied for IBD, also also has added TGF-beta 2 , an anti inflammatory agent, hence preferred over other polymeric diets. Do you think (from trials knowledge or from other people s experience) other polymeric formulas have same success on inflammation?

Good point on milk allergy. I recently tested and have a very low IGe (0.36), so milk allergy is excluded probably, but worth asking the dietician. Modulen is lactose free so no worries about lactose.

I will need to check what is available through the healthcare system in Cyprus, as these formulas are expensive to purchase for the duration needed.

I did take it slow, due to nausea also ! 30 minutes minimum for 500ml


my little penguin

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Modulen is semi elemental
A peptide
Means the polymeric chains are broken down into bigger chunks but not broken down as much as an elemental formula which is reduced to amino acid level
Many different formulas have been studied over the years
Type -polymeric/semi elemental or elemental does not affect the results in ibd kids at least
All calm inflammation as long as no more than 10-20% of intake of solid food
100% formula only also works

peptamen and peptamen jr are similar To modulen in the US

So even cheap nutritionally complete formulas found in the grocery store can be used without

your Gi office should have different samples of different types of formulas to try

as far as lactose free
Most formulas made from milk protein state suitable for lactose intolerance but still some folks with lactose intolerance have issues with them

my kiddo was fine on peptamen jr and neocate jr the couple of times he did een
But others have had vomiting with peptamen jr

have they done delayed gastric emptying testing ?
They can see if the inflammation caused the duodenum to slow down which can cause nausea and vomiting
My kiddo had this until his gut healed more then he was ok