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How to get cheap Remicade?

Anyone know how to reduce the financial burden of Remicade?
Even with insurance I have to pay $380 every two months. They have me by the cajones & it is really adding up. My last insurance company paid 100% so all I had to pay was my $20 co-pay.

Can you shop around for places to get infusions? ( i currently go the the hospital)

I got it at my GI's office for a bit, with no out of pocket except for the co-pay, but he moved to another town.

I am just starting to research this so any advice would be great.
Besides researching on the net i would call Remicade and find out how to get on there assistance program or if there is anything else they can offer.
I didn't realise how expensive the drug actually is. I've always gotten it for free because of the NHS over here.

Hope you find a way of getting it cheaper anyway, that's a lot of money.
i was just wondering the same thing, my old insurance paid 100% as well and now i am not sure what the cost will be without killing my paycheck. I'll have to check into the assistance program thanks for the link.
I have medical insurance through kaiser....

Infusions are not included in the co-pay plan, so ive never had to pay for it.

Also the plan that i am on is $238 a month....

It might be worthwhile to check into kaiser... its KP.org... maybe there is one close to you.
katiesue1506 said:
There is an assistance program called Access One.

I tried for it, but they said my out of pocket expenses aren't substantial enough (1000 I think is what I pay OOP per treatment)


Click on the last link on that page for a form for enrollment and for more info about the program (after the form part on page 2)
Thanks! I got the ball rolling on this program. Hopefully I will be approved.
If so I am taking a long over due vacation!