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How to interpret this?

I have had severe colonic left-sided inflammation that has not been treatable for around 3.5 years. My colonoscopies have always showed my inflammation in the left side of the colon to be "superficial." However, in my MRI, it said "marked colonic wall thickening spanning from at least the rectum to the distal descending colon."

I asked the MRI nurse and she said the reading just means there is inflammation there. BUT, I am worried about the "marked colonic wall thickening" especially since my severe left-sided inflammation has not been treatable for around 3.5 years. What are the chances that it means there are signs of permanent damage in the left-side of the colon or scarring or fibrosis type of stuff which will prevent it from ever healing? Anyone have any idea or thoughts or experience please let me know. Thanks!
Hmm, I'm not sure exactly how to interpret the MRI but I'm confused by "has not been treatable". Are you saying you are on or have been on meds that didn't work or that because it was deemed superficial someone said it wasn't worth treating?
Ah okay. If you want you can share what you are on/have tried, Maybe someone has something that worked for them that they can share.