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How to save for your child's uncertain future

I have a few ideas, but I am looking for more.

When you become an (almost) empty nester, you can rent out rooms in your home. We are currently recieving rent for 2 bedrooms for $1000 per month. When the third is rented, it's $650 more.

If you live near a college, I'd suggest renting to grad students. They're usually gone or in their rooms, studying. Mine are wonderful people and have influenced our own son to study more, without saying a word. :)

I'm a big couponer. I save hundreds per month on groceries...

I was injured and cannot work outside the home, but thought teaching English online might be a good option. Does anyone know of a legit company or way to go about it?

We want to buy our son is own home, when he's ready to go. But, we want to save on that too, so we were thinking about doing something like this: http://tinyhouseswoon.com/our-tiny-house/#comments:

Love to hear your ideas! :)
As for teaching online for college level you may check with for-profit education centers, technical colleges, for elementary through high school you could check with online schools such as K12 or maybe the virtual highschool set up through your states Dept. of Education.
I meant teaching English to non native speakers around the world via the interwebs. I've read that you can do it without a college degree, but I've also read about scams out to get your social security #.