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How to tell if my Crohn's Disease is flaring

It's lovely topic, I know...but I am not your typical crohns patient...I don't have the big D, normally. I have pain when flaring, and some canker sores. I get anemic, and I have low B12 so I am often tired and ran down.
My issues get complicated because I am currently not being treated, and I am in the middle of switching GI's. I was on Remicade, but it freaked me out and now I am off and just kinda hoping this disease goes away. I've never had major issues with running to the bathroom, and I have never been hospitalized so it is almost like I can ignore it so it's easy for me to say no to drugs...lol
I am having small BM's, feeling an urgency to go and not much comes out. I am flaring, I think. That's the thing, I am never really certain if I am flaring or not. I get crampy, and that's about it. I have had several colonoscopies, have been on many meds, and I hate it...I can't tell you how much I hate it. i feel normal 80% of the time, on or off meds so it is easy for me to ignore it...like I said. Anyhow, do you think I should be flipping out? Is there anything I can do in the meantime (waiting on a call back from new GI) I know i am being irresponsible, neglecting my health a bit. I don't have a major amount of support, no one really gets it (fam/friends) So I don't talk to anyone at all about it. Can anyone relate?
Thanks so much all!
Oh no, Kacy said the P word. lol When you say you having small BM does that mean a little at a time or they are very thin like the size of a pencil? If very thin then you could be getting an area that has narrowed whether from inflammation or scar tissue.
You definately need to keep an eye on things because this disease can turn into something nasty really quick. Best to see what your new GI says plus talk to a nutritionist to make sure you are getting the proper diet to help keep thing going good.
Good luck with everything.
Hello Kacey,I work with a lady that has CD,I ask her alot of questions so I can try to compare symptoms but we have different ones.I am on cimzia she doesn't take any unless she has issues,now I don't if that is the best way to go or not.For her it is,for me not yet.Best wishes,Jack
I tried to will these problems away for years. I wish I had been more progressive with pursuing treatment and help before it got out of hand. The chronic inflammation left unchecked wreaks havoc that really cant be repaired afterward. Just removed.