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How to Tell It's Working (or: Is my Doctor a Dumbass?)

So I talked my GE into trialing LDN, but he hasn't ordered any tests to determine if there's improvement. I asked him at my last appt if we should do blood draws to test for inflammation markers, and he mentioned a stool test that is more precise but he'd have to order it in. Ok, fine. But I haven't heard anything from him. Doesn't it makes sense to do one pre-med and one after three months? I was holding off on starting it because I thought it should be done before as well as after. I can't really just go by just symptoms because every day is different and it's only mildly active right now anyways. Not to mention I also have celiac so if I get GI symptoms it might just be stray gluten, not necessarily because of Crohn's. Urgh. Suggestions?
He is talking about fecal calprotectin test and it tests for inflammation and is supposed to be pretty acurate. I don't think it will matter if you do one pre or after as it is just going to test if you have inflammation going on given if the number is extremely high I would think that possibly LDN is not the med for you. Just like all the different meds they don't work for everyone.
Although it wouldn't hurt to compare the numbers for your own peace of mind. We didn't do one right before starting LDN but based on his last blood tests a few months before starting LDN the one we had done 3 weeks ago after 7 months on LDN was a remarkable difference.
Tempting, mostly because he's not very open to alternative therapies and rushes through our appts. I don't want to give up on him just yet, though. It's not so easy to get in to see GEs in this town. He's not perfect, but he's young and therefore malleable. :D