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How was your arthritis diagnosed?

I have been having pain everywhere and am getting scared as usual. My legs even hurt. I have had xrays, blood work and have all come back normal. My back, hips,ankles,wrists and butt hurts.
I have been diagnosed with Chronic tendonosis, gout and rheumatoid arthritis by my GP over the past 20 years. It was not until I was admitted to hospital and diagnosed with and acute case of penetrating/fistulizing crohns disease that a team of doctors determined it was all manifestations of an Immune related disorder and began treating me with Immune suppression therapy.
Self-diagnosis, from reading up on t'interweb. Otherwise one useless rheumatologist declared I couldn't possibly have Crohn's related arthritis despite the patterns of when it occured.


I thought I had arthritis based upon doctors associating the pain with Crohn's. After two years I finally met a Rheumatologist who figured out I had avascular necrosis (bone death) not arthritis. X-rays will not show AVN. CT scand and MRIs will.

Good luck! Keep us updated.