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HPV 16 infection and vaccination

Hi all, just wondering how many here(if any) have been diagnosed with HPV16? My rather poor immune system has defeated me once again :yfrown:

I have been arguing with my health insurance to get the Gardasil vaccine, which although it won't get rid of it, it may offer further protection against the other 3 risky types (hpv 4,11 and 18).

Naturally they said no. My parting comment was cervical cancer costs alot more and I hope they have money to pay for that (its not a guarantee I will get CC but hpv16 is the precursor strain).
I was just diagnosed with the same, had a colposcopy and then it came back bad enough that I had to go under anesthesia for a leep and more colposcopy biopsies. that was done this past Tuesday so I will not know she said for 2 weeks. I advise you to follow through with biopsies and even a leep ( more in depth biopsy) so you have peace of mind. I can. Ot get the gardasel injection due to my age. My gynecologist also stateded at my age it is just going to get worse. I wish you the best and keep us posted, you will be in my prayers and thoughts❤


Lady Organic

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Gardacil is basically useless if we have been sexually active and unprotected. I got the vaccine after my second boyfriend, and yet, I caught one or more the 100s HVP from him. A few years after that boyfriend, I had abnormal smear test, but the abnormal cells then retracted. I know so many women who share the same scenario. getting HVP is not about a weak immune system, any healthy woman can get it. And Thats how HVP often goes and go asymptomatic, unless it evolves in cancer in a very minority of women. a weakend immune system could possibly explain increase risk of evolution to cancer though. A recent cohort study suggests IBD women are at increased risk compared to healthy women to develop cervical cancer. it s therefore my opinioin to have strict fallow up with colposcopy once we have had an abnormal smear test. My gynecologist offered to see me every 6 months in colposcopy. For IBD women who have always had normal smear test, i would even suggest smear test every 6 months instead of once a year which is for the general population.
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Right, I feel slightly less alone now. Unf I think in my case both my immune malfunction and massive year long flare of IBD malabsorption has gotten me into this HPV16 mess.

My health insurance are not going to fund Gardasil, full stop. No buts or applications on my behalf is going to change it. Why on earth is the cut off point 27 years of age, for the love of all that is holy? I mean most people are sexually active for over a decade before 27 years old. So in a normal person, giving the vaccine at 27 is largely academic as they have already been in contact with many of the strains already, and managed to fight them (generally).

They have already done several colposcopys and the deeper incisions - all came back negative. I will continue to be monitored every 3 months for life.

For the record, HPV is a skin infection which is most commonly transmitted during sex but using protection only reduces the chances of infection, it does not eliminate as it is skin-to-skin contact.

I've been trying to figure out how to broach the HPV subject with the new boy, as I have temporarily been able to make excuses not to have sex - the menstrual cycle is my best excuse so far although if he actually calculates it, I might have some explaining to do.
Having said that, it looks like I have to put my cards on the table and let him decide whether he wants to continue with me or not....cue extreme emotional stress :sign0085:

Lady Organic

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Most people dont know that the majority of us who have not been exclusively and mutually monagomous for life have been infected by the HVP viruses. It is simply asymptomatic in the vast majority of people, both men and women. cervical cancer is among the top cancers in women and that is why smear (Pap) test and proper fallow up is extremly important in women. About 98% or more of cervical cancers are caused by HVP. Some strains cause overt visible wartz, but for the most strains, it is only microscopic lesions which people are not aware of having and just like the wartz, they come and go occasionnally without any clinical signs or symptoms. I dont know the sexual history of your boyfriend, but if he's been active sexually in the past with several partners, the odds are pretty high he's already infected without knowing it.
I understand this subject is delicate when in a relationship, but I am hoping that you will find the words to bring it up. You can propose using a condom if you or your boyfriend is insecure regarding this situation. As time go by, you will most likely accept this situation and learn to live with it without any fear or stress and so will your boyfriend. Ive been diagnosed with that issue since about 7 years now and I feel completely fine and secure about it. No one has ever felt insecure or rejected me because of it. The only thing that matter is that I get proper medical fallow up. Its unfortunately that these little bastards come to pollute our lives, but its just part of life we have to go through hopefully without real damage for the health in the long run. Good luck.
Fully agree Lady Organic - it is highly likely he has had some strain in the past or currently is asymptomatic. I have to find the right way to phrase it. A previous boy reacted very badly (he was unbelievably ignorant), which caused me to walk away and I reckon saved me from the outset but it left its mark...

As I explained to my gynae, given my immune issues and complications, he (or anyone else) will always be more of a threat to me than me to him.

On the plus side, at least I know about it and can make sure he is aware. Knowledge is power right! :)

I'm still a bit irritated on why the cut off is 27 years old. I mean sure, it may be less effective as a regular person with no health complications gets older, but the immuno-compromised maintain or increase the risk with age, no?

Lady Organic

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this kind of previous boyfriend was just not worth it. better to know soon than later! Life is full of obstacles and no one is immunized against obstacles; if is not health, its financial, familial, relational or work or any other thing. The guy prolly lacked life experience to think everything must always be so perfect.

the reason for the cut off age is that it is already too late, we have already been in contact with so many strains without not being aware. i got the vaccine really early, as soon as it was available on the market, and it was already too late for me, still ended up in colposcopy. I think its best to not think about it, keep the virus in peace far away. thats my way of seeing things. (Wish that was the same with Crohns lol) I was in shock too at the beginning, but now, I am free of anxieties regarding that, only what matters is my fallow up at colposcopy. Its a routine feminine prevention exam to me, nothing else. wishing you well.