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HPV vaccine for kids with crohn's

At my son's 13 year check up this year his Pediatrician wanted to give him the HPV vaccine. I have read a bit about it but I wasn't completely comfortable with him getting it yet. All of his previous vaccines were before we knew he had an autoimmune disorder and I am fearful of a reaction. He is doing so well right now, and I don't want to do anything to rock the boat.

Has anyone faced this decision? Are your Pediatrician's or GI's suggesting it or not recommending your child get one?

Any experiences or opinions?

Thank you!!


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I had the HPV vaccine at school when I was 12. No reactions occurred, and having so much experience with needles I faced it better than most of the other girls in my year! Didn't do a thing to my Crohn's, and I'm glad I had it. However, this was before I was started on any immunosuppressants, so I'm not quite sure how that would affect the decision - I know that I was advised not to have the polio, diphtheria and tetanus booster last year because of it.

Anyway - hope this makes things easier, even just a little bit. Sorry I don't have more detail!!


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I had a HPV vaccine about 2 years ago. It was a while after my crohns symptoms started but it didn't cause any problems or reactions, just gave me a very sore arm.

I've also had a pneumococcal vaccine since being diagnosed with crohns and was on a high dose of steroids at the time.

I don't think there would be any issue in him having it.

Edit - just wanted to add that I don't think it's common practice to give it to boys in the UK, it may have changed but when I was given it they were only offering it to girls and I haven't heard of this being changed.
Our primary pediatrician suggested it when DS turned 13 also, but we declined. He's not sexually active and doesn't plan on living in a dorm for at least another five years. When he got a sports physical a month later, a second pediatrician said he doesn't need it yet. Not until closer to college and dorm life. Our GI said he should get it but it doesn't necessarily have to be right now... but that was before starting Aza.

Personally, I was going to hold off until age 17, if at all. I'm not convinced by the research yet.


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My daughter received it after dx and after already starting Remicade. It isn't a live vaccine so I was told it was perfectly safe for her to receive it. No reactions here.
Not sure about vaccines with Crohn's. Our docs have never checked any immunity or suggested any vaccines. I was kind of interested to hear they were offering it to a boy, since in Scotland they only give it to the girls in their second year of high school.
My son is only 8, so this is way off my radar, but I did hear in the news a few months ago that the vaccine is being recommended for boys, in addition to girls, here in Canada. Not sure if it is given to boys yet, but it's being talked about anyway. Just thought I'd mention that... not sure why... maybe it's useful info to someone...
They offer it to boys and girls in the US. I guess boys can unknowingly spread HPV without being symptomatic.

I have just seen some really negative information on the internet but my son's Pediatrician seems to think it is perfectly safe. Guillain Barre is mentioned as a possible complication, and I know that is autoimmune related. Just trying to get some more information.
I have not yet give the vaccine to my kids, not sure they know about long term possible complications. I am still debating about the meningitis one. which is mandatory before entering college in the USA.
Jack's ped mentioned it at well child in August but since we had just finished up antibiotics said I didn't have to make a decision then as it would not be a good idea to give it to him at that point anyway. I'm sure it will come up next year at check up so hopefully will have more information to decide at that point.
It was brought up in my son's doctor's appointment as something to consider. In talking with our doctors (pediatrician and GI) everyone feels the same way - don't get it right now. Which is okay by me.


All three of my girls had it in year 7 at School with no side effects. Very few side effects reported at our school. When it first come out one of the local Girls School purposely had lots side effects (fainting) but once one faints you seem to get others.
My understanding (and based the following articles/links) the vaccination does prevent cervical cancer it prevents the HPV virus that is the biggest culprit in causing cervical cancer.


My son had his 6 month follow up with his GI today and she brought it up as something he should think about now. Not sure if it is was because of his age (a family member took him as I had to work), but she didn't say she required it but did recommend it. Funny how 6 months can change something. I'll talk with our pediatrician. I'm still on the fence and will likely not have him do anything. I would prefer to see some long term stats first.