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HSO Probiotics - Primal Defense


Anyone else taking the HSO probiotic primal defense by Garden of Life? It seems great but I read one blog that says the long term effects of these soil organisms is unknown and that they don't die off easily and manipulate your genetic make up. That sounds kinda scary, on the other hand they have been enormously helpful in getting people to have regularity, energy, and less pain. I am gonna try them again, they seemed to help a lot last time.
I did try them but they did not seem to help me. I think if they work for you though you should use them. The man that started that company was SO sick from Crohns. He almost died more than once then he found HSO and it turned his life around. Great book if you have not already read it. The Maker's Diet. His first book was better I thought but his story is amaizing.
I tried them for three months, but didn't notice any real change. I was taking them hoping they would help me gain weight after a family friend gave me the book mentioned in the previous post. I definitely didn't gain weight like the guy who wrote the book, which is what I was hoping to do. I didn't buy more after the three month supply ran out as they were kind of expensive.
I used them for a while, but did not notice any benefit. I think it is a long term proposition to see any benefit.

VSL-3 is really the king of probiotics, but I guess pretty expensive.

Every virus you ever come into contact with changes genetics somewhat. I think the threat from the soil organisms is unknown, but unlikely to cause any real problems. It is basically speculation, and who knows for sure?

I've read his book backwards and forwards, he seemed to be on the same death's door as me. However, I'm not entirely sure eating dirt products is the way to go - I've researched his HSO materials and there is not a lot of data on it - unlike some good science around SCD diet (the book lays out a very solid argument, backed up by very good science that food and IBD go hand and hand).

His viewpoint is spiritual in nature, that is, his vision for the diet is that "only eat what is allowed in the bible". I'm a very spiritual person and I do A LOT of praying some days when it's my crohn's is raging so bad that all I have is god. However, I'm not convinced that some of the foods he recommends are good for me. He still thinks that wheat or some milk products are ok, which to me is just a BIG no no.

As a back-story to this - not many people know that in the developing (3rd and 2nd world countries) world, like Africa or parts of Asia, there is ZERO IBD cases - ZERO!. This disease only happens in the developed world, mainly in Europe and the United States - ironically, Japan has a very high incidence of Crohn's. If you go to Vietnam, there is no such thing as IBD (or if is, it's extremely small).

This makes one think that diet and our food has a big part in our disease, otherwise, why don't we see the disease in places that don't use processed foods or use natural veggies and meat. Clearly Clearly Clearly - DIET has a big part. In Vietnam (which I've spent a few years in) people are NOT obese, they don't really drink milk as we do and their diet consists of simple sugars, meats and no processed foods. I talked with a doctor in Vietnam who said to me that he has NO cases in his hospital for Crohn's or Colitis (in the traditional sense). He also indicated to me that auto-immune diseases in general are significantly less in Vietnam then other developed countries.

This is why I believe that I've been ignoring the problem for far too long (9 years) - and now it's time to address it. I love sugar, wheat, milk, etc... those are all gone now.

as for the "makers diet" - I think I'm going to stick to Elaine's SCD, it makes more sense to me scientifically, and I need some hope.

As I look at food that might be illegal to the SCD diet, I say to myself a simple prayer.."EAT THIS FOOD AND YOU WILL DIE"... Kinda like the Alan Shepard Prayer, "God, don't let me f*%k this up"