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It does look promising, tailored meds would would be more specific, like a bullet rahter than carpet bombing. Each of us is unique, and the present treatments are too broad. While they have helped, many of us have had very bad side effects, to the point that I am shy of trying the present treatments available.
Thanks for posting the link Lady Organic! I messed up posting and I couldn't figure out how to undo it!!

Maybe you can be part of the trial. You can put yourself on their list and hope!
I was listening to a Public Radio program today where they were talking about how sometimes trials select segments of population to help skew results in their favor. Not dissing Qu because I like how they're approaching CD, but I wonder if this is on the same tack where they're trying to select participants to improve their trial results. In the long run maybe targeted treatment is appropriate, but I wonder what it means for the whole notion of randomized trials. Do we have to start rethinking how trials are carried out?
Excellent point Xeridea. I hope it is not the case here. It makes sense to me that if they can determine who will react well to the treatment according to the patient's genetic profile, that they should use that information to select candidates. But maybe only after doing a robust blinded trial first? I've been reading a fair amount about bias and studies that cannot be reproduced, and vows to improve. It will be interesting to see how this all plays out.