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Huge Polyp on stoma!

Hey guys
I didn't know which forum to post this in as its stoma related but its also a polyp on the Bowel lol.

I'm just wondering if anyone knows much about polyps? See I have had this polyp on my stoma for about 2 - 2.5 years. I didn't really do anything about it until recently because my stoma nurse never really said anything and for some reason it never worried me. Anyway about two months ago all of a sudden it doubled in size and went violently purple/black. It freaked me out so I went to surgeon and he was supposed to cut it off next week (it has been delayed because his father passed away :() he didn't seem overly worried about it but he is putting me to sleep to have it done. anyway tonight whilst changing my bag I got really freaked out as since yesterday it has increased about another half size and is the size of a tip of a pinkie! I have part of my colon left still - am overweight and also colon cancer runs in my genes (not immediate family but a few people on my dads side have had it)
Anyway as you can probably see I am kind of freaking out now - as I don't know why it would grow so fast unless it was cancer :S could it just be an angry polyp? I don't know! I have to wait another 2 weeks now for anything..

Thanks guys :)


I can see how that would be very unnerving but you need to just trust in your stoma nurse and surgeon who aren't alarmed. They are going to remove it and do a biopsy to let you know what it is. If the surgery is postponed a few days it's ok it's going to be removed and that's the main thing.


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Hi lotte. I agree with NGNG.
It is being delt with and the experts aren't worried. Sending you my support and best wishes.