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Humira $5 coupon

After I started taking Humira, they sent me an email with links to their assistance programs (I already got the little bit I qualify for). There is a direct link to each of the Humira assistance programs, including one for unemployed with no insurance, and to the $5 coupon.

If anyone would like to have the direct link, instead of filling out the longer form on the Humira website, let me know, and I'll send it to you.

For the $5 coupon, you have to have your own insurance, but they do not verify anything at all, you just fill out the form, and it arrives in the mail a few weeks later.

For the other assistance programs, each has a direct link, but they do get your information and verify it.

For medicare, if you have part D, there is only one program - it's for $2,500 - not much, with the price of this stuff, but better than paying the copayment for part D coverage.

If you're on medicare, but have your own prescription coverage - like from work, or one you kept when you went on medicare (how I wish I had!), you can get the $5 card.

Anyone who is getting ready to go on medicare, if you want decent prescription coverage for these drugs, keep your non-government plan, do not take the part D coverage.

I would post the links, but since they've removed them, it might cause problems for the board if they see the referrer site, so it's better to send it privately.
I am on SSD and just received my Medicare welcome package. I am on my wife’s health insurance from her employer; it’s from Aetna and pays for 80% of medical until the deductable is met, then pays 100%. Prescriptions are also covered, but co pay is a lot – some meds costs me $60 for a month supply. I am on Humira also and so far this past year I only had to pay $5 per order with Humira assist program. Can going on Medicate decrease my prescription co pay? Is it even worth going on Medicate for prescriptions only?
Maybe you can tell me what is going on. I have Medicare, Aetna Part D and First Health for drugs. I need to go on biologics, like Humira. According to what I can find out, I have to pay the first $4,700 as well as $115 per month, each and every year to use these drugs. Some they just entirely refuse. What am I missing? Surely people are not paying this much for these drugs. HELP PLEASE. I am getting sicker and sicker and no relief in sight. If I cannot get drugs, they are going to wind up paying for my hospitalization. That is truly idiotic. What should I do?