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Humira & Tamoxifen

Hi all....have been on Humira for CD for 3 1/2 years and have been in remission.....haven't posted in quite some time....was diagnosed recently with Aypical Ductal Hyperplasia after a biopsy was done of my left breast. Will be having a excision biopsy (lumpectomy) in the very near future. If there is no cancer....ADH puts you at a higher risk for breast cancer & one of the prevention therapies is Tamoxifen ....does anyone know or has anyone encountered the same experience? AND is it OK to take Tamoxifen while on Humira? Can't help but have this little voice in the back of my head saying..."Did the Humira have anything to do in the first place with the abnormal biopsy?" Anyways just looking to hear from anyone going thru the same or having any knowledge of taking both Humira & Tamoxifen .....obviously I'll ask my surgeon when I see her next....appreciate any imput anyone may have!!!