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Humira and antibodies

Johnny has been on Humira for 4 months now and he was just tested last week for his levels and antibodies. The message from the Dr. said his antibodies were "creeping up" and we would discuss options today at his appointment. His nephrologist said Methotrexate could make his kidney condition worse and his GI didn't want him on 6mp anymore because he is EBV negative and he would have a higher chance of lymphoma if he got Mono.

Anyone have any advice, thoughts??? Does developing antibodies to Humira quickly mean that he will likely also develop them quickly with Remicade?

Did I mention I hate this disease!?!?!?!?:ymad:

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Sorry about the antibodies
Unfortunately if you build antibodies quickly most studies suggest they are likely to form again to another one
That said
Ds reacted to remicade twice ( no antibodies )
But has been on humira for 4 years without antibodies


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My older daughter has also been on Humira for years without antibodies. However, she is also on MTX (15 mg by injection).

Could he do a very low dose of MTX - like 7.5 mg?

Not sure Sulfasalazine works for antibodies, but that's another combination we have used (though that was for arthritis).

Sending HUGS!
The nephrologist wasn't completely opposed to the MTX, just said it could make is kidney condition worse. We meet with the nephrologist tomorrow, so I guess I will find out what he wants to do as well.

It doesn't help that his GI just left Cincinnati Children's and went to Dayton Children's, so we are meeting his new GI today. I'm sure he's excellent we just had a great relationship with his last GI.

It just sucks. I will let you all know what the new GI recommends, we see him at 4. Thank you for your responses!!
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Consider Entyvio. It's early days yet and I haven't seen any head to head studies comparing immunogenicity between vedolizumab and the anti-TNFs, but there are anecdotal notions that Entyvio may induce antibodies less frequently than Humira or Remicade. Thus, it's a possible alternative to discuss with your GI.
I don't have any words of wisdom, but I wanted to follow your thread as we are possibly changing up the meds. I hope the new GI has a good option for you.