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Humira and blood tests

My Butt Hurts

Does anyone know what blood tests I need while on Humira? And if so, how often, or how soon after starting Humira?
I think there's a white blood cell check, but I don't even know what it's called.
I may very well know more than my g.i. about Humira, and I have an appointment in 2 days. Anything else I need to more than him about?? He nevre sent me for blood tests while I was on sulfasalazine, even though I read that I should have one, and asked about it. I got him to send me for a bunch recently, but I can't remember what for. I mentioned celiac, and how I wanted to get my mother-in-law off my back about it, so he sent me for that and said "while you're there..." for about 6 more tests.

Also, how long does it take for the "can't fight infections as well" to kick in?
I've only been sick once all winter - a fever, not even one cold yet. I can't wait to be sick through the whole spring (sarcasm).
In general you probably don't need any, but most doctors should leave you with a standing blood order to monitor inflammation, metabolites, blood chemistry, stuff like that. It's a good idea for you to have a blood draw every 2-3 months anyway with crohns to monitor your health since nutrient absorption is drastically altered in most of us.