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Humira and Covid-19 risk and vaccine

I take humira/adalimumab for my Crohn's (actually a bio-similar called Hyrimoz these days). I have had crohn's since 1981and easily the best treatment i have had to date.

I was wondering if anyone knew:

1. If adalimumab was thought to be of benefit to covid by reducing the risk of a cytokine storm? (I know they were testing other biologics for Covid treatment).
2. Alternatively whether supressing the immune system means a higher risk of contraction in the first place?
3. finally, if there are any known issues with suppressing the immune systme reaction to a vaccine (and does it differ depending on the vaccine platform). There is some reference to this in the UK Government Green Book Guidance but I lack the medical knowledge to understand if this is precautionary or a real issue.

Thanks for any responses


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New York, USA
While I'm not on Humira, I am on Remicade and have been for years.....

I asked my doctors office about the vaccine and if I should get it, and their reply was to et it as close to the mid-way mark of my infusions.....nothing mentioned about any additional risks.....

I currently have an appointment scheduled for Feb 22 - the first one I could get even though I am in the 1a category here in NY.

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Same here Ds is on Stelara
Gi /Rheumo stated to get the covid vaccine
And “try” to plan it half way between Stelara shots
Similar to any flu shot Ds gets
And hope for the best
Two of my doctors said just the opposite - both my GP and my GI said they recommend that I NOT take the vaccine. Their reasoning is that while it's not a "live" vaccine, the long term effects are still unknown and potential reactions to it are still being discovered. I've had problems with flu vaccines in the past, so naturally I'm viewing this vaccine with some skepticism. I don't like to gamble, especially with my health, so I think I'll watch others for a couple more years and see how those who took it are doing.

As a test engineer by profession, I've seen too many things that were rushed to completion fail in the long term, sometimes with catastrophic results. I'm concerned we may see lawyer commercials in a few years to the effect of "if you took the COVID-19 vaccination between 2020 and 2021 and suffered any of these latent effects, you may be entitled to compensation...."

Some may say I'm way too cautious, but I've only got one body. I'm not going to knowingly put something in me that hasn't been well documented or demonstrated and just hope for the best.
I’m on stelara and had the British (Oxf) jab today. So far so good side effects wise. The medical view here was immunosuppressants not a reason not to have the jab but not sure if it will be as effective as the meds might stop the immune system building the defence.

It’s a tricky one. Of course I would love real time data but the virus is here and now. I had a friend turn up recently on my doorstep for coffee, had awkward conversation about I’m still shielding, the next day a phone call to say they had just tested positive.

I really don’t want covid. So for me, getting the jab was a no brainer. Time will tell I guess.
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I'm on Stelara, and I am fully vaccinated with the Moderna vaccine as of mid-February. So far no side effects beyond a temporary sore arm at the injection site.

I am 69 years old, and it was my judgment that the known risks from the disease were much greater than the theoretical risks from the vaccine.

Plus, COVID vaccination for IBD patients is strongly recommended by International Organization for the Study of Inflammatory Bowel Disease (IOIBD) - an organization of the top IBD specialists and researchers:
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San Diego
But will I get the full benefit of the vaccine if I have Crohn's Disease and I am being treated with weekly Humira Injections ?
The COVID vaccines are so new that specific data on this question have not yet been published. But they have asked this of other vaccines and found that the strength of response to vaccines among RA patients receiving Humira was not signficantly different from patients injected with placebo instead of Humira. In other words, Humira did not significantly decrease the response to the vaccines tested.

Based on this information, it's not proven, but it is reasonable to extrapolate that the response to the COVID vaccine will not be severely reduced by Humira injection either:

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My kiddo got the third dose of Pfizer in August
Right after they announced it
He is on Two Biologics and mtx
We timed it half way between biologic dosing and held mtx the week before and week after

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Ds was told by his Rheumo to not take his mtx for two weeks after the third shot
But that was because he wasn’t flaring
Flaring folks haven’t different rules

in my kiddos case since his joints weren’t flaring
He got mtx on sat
The next week got his third shot on a sat
The following week after the shot he waited till Sat to take the mtx

he did not hold his Stelara or other biologic

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It varies my kiddo takes folic acid every single day of the week including mtx pill day
He has done this for years
He also has taken mtx on the same day as humira /Stelara
We try not to give his two biologics the same day
At one point he was on a daily biologic injection and humira so we just spaced them 12 hours apart but still the same day