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Humira and depression?

Hi guys, well the time has come for me to try Humira. I have read on some sites that one side effect of Humira can be depression. I was wondering if this has been the case for any of you that are on or were on Humira? My GI said it doesn't cause this side effect but i'm skeptical as I have read this side effect on numerous sites. Im currently having some sleep issues that has brought on mild depression and I don't want to be on anything that might exasperate my depression symptoms.
I've been on Humira for several years, never noticed it making my depression worse. I have been on an antidepressant (Wellbutrin) for longer than the Humira, so that may have made a difference.
I have been on Humira for about 6 months now. I certainly don't see it bringing on any depression in me. I already had anxiety prior to starting Humira, so i am already taking an ssri to help with that.


Hi crampy.

I am in the "same boat" as Heather and belle... have been on antidepressants long before starting the Humira. I have not noticed any MORE depression after starting Humira (I have been on it for two years now)...but like everything else...everyone is SO different....

Hopefully someone else can give you some further answers.....

Take care.
Thank you all for replying to my post. I suppose in regards to meds and depression Humira's got to be much better than Pred! that stuff really brings me right down and makes me feel like death. If I dont start Humira soon i'm going to have to go back on a very high dose of pred,nothing else us working for me, and thats something I dont want to do. Thanks again


Ditto above - already on Celexa for anti-anxiety. Been on Humira almost 3 months now. Haven't noticed any depression. I don't remember reading that as a side effect... and I am the QUEEN of side effects. I usually get them all and as far as I can tell (knock wood) I haven't had any from the Humira.

Good luck! - Amy
thanks for the reply Amy. I'm currently on Remeron for sleep and mild dep. last thing i need is pred to mess everthing up so i'm hoping humira will help spare me from pred. btw i'm like you i get all the side effects possible from meds, really sucks!