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Humira and Flu Like Symptoms...

Sorry, I know there was a thread I was reading on here and when I logged in I lost it. Anyway, I've had Crohn's for 21 years and just started Humira and I'm supposed to take the 2nd set of injections tonight but I feel so crappy that I'm not sure I should and the "ambassador" for Humira said it was normal. She does not have Crohn's so I'd like to know how "normal" it is to feel like you have the flu for a week. Sure it's better than a flare, but I was hoping to feel better.


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Humira takes a while to knock down the inflammation and build up in your system
So while it's reducing inflammation that's hard work for your body and wipes you out
Humira can take 3-5 months to be fully effective
So while it would be nice to say it should work after the first loading dose
It will take time
Weeks to months to feel better
Most GI meds take a long time
The good news is once it's built up
It can make you feel great

Ds has been on humira for over 5 years
He had to stop for surgery and just restarted so is going through the build up phase again
Thankfully a few weeks in (he takes a shot every5 days )
He is starting to feel a slight improvement
I am on Remicade, and Oh boy its a struggle every month. I get infused every 2 months. I get sick every month on and off. Cold, Flu's and Viruses are so common, Its better to count the days i feel good verses being sick.

Bright Side? Gut pain is to a minimum. (btw i tried humira. Extreme shaky hands. I dont know how people deal with Humira. God awful drug and remicade is not much better but still better)