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Humira and headaches

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Captain Obvious
Anyone who's been on/who is on Humira - have you experienced headaches while on it?

I know it's listed as one of the side effects, but so are a lot of things. I think smelly dogs is on that list somewhere :)

I am, and am having to take Tylenol almost every day. Can't be good for my insides, I'm guessing. I've had problems with headaches/migraines since 2007 and had just completely gotten rid of them this February. I don't want to go through that again, especially if it is because of a side effect.

If it continues to be this bad, I'm wondering if I stop the Humira or just suffer through them...


Punctuation Impaired
Hi There,

I never had head aches while on Humira. I do get them from Asacol whenever my dose is increased. They were no where near migraine status. They remind me a caffeine headache...Does it feel like a migraine? Does it go away with the Tylenol. I also get sinus headaches, I take a allergy med with a decongestant like Claritin D. They always plague me when the seasons change....I hope you get some answers.
I will have them right afterwards and as IMP says theya re sorta like caffiene headaches.

It's also possible they could be caused by dehydration if you aren't drinking enough water.

I hope you figure it out!

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Captain Obvious
Thanks Carrie & Katie :)

I had a problem w/caffeine (rebound) headaches and migraines for almost 2 years... I just don't want to get back to that! :ybatty:

No, they don't feel like migraines - just really bad headaches that linger all day. It was so bad on Friday that by the end of the day, I had taken 10 Tylenol. That can't be good. Right?

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Captain Obvious
LOL you crack me up, you little peach! :)

I am on birth control, but am off this week. I've never had a problem with the pills before. I had an allergy test done and it said I don't have any allergies. I drink water like a fiend. I don't drink coffee, tea, energy drinks, or soda. I rarely eat chocolate.

As far as the methane gas... that is ALWAYS a probability with Bam! LOL

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Captain Obvious
Hey, I have no shame :)

Yup, on "the rag" this week. I've never had headaches w/my period though.

This last time, I've had headaches for about a month, I think.

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Captain Obvious
Ha.... then I think you'll like my new quote (sig) ;)

Josh has been telling me stuff like this for the last 13 years... LOL Half of me listens.... the half with the horns!