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Humira and health care at home

I am in the UK Wales and my Dr has decided to put me on Humira.
They have taken the bloods and xrays. They said that a company called health care at home would deliver and show me how to use the pens. does any body know how long the health care nurse takes to make the appointment and come to show you how to inject? A lot of reports say that health care at home is not a very good, fast or reliable company. your opinion would be greatly appreciated

Hi eagel.
I may be going on this myself having developed psoriasis due to infliximab, and I've been looking into it,
From what I can gather HC at Home ran into some difficulties a couple of years ago when they merged with another large medical delivery firm and overstretched themselves.
However, a new CEO was appointed about twelve months ago and she's trying to knock the company into shape. The trouble is, as with most things, we tend to hear more about bad experiences than good so my feeling is that there are far, far more satisfied customers than dissatisfied ones.
If I do go on Humira/adalimumab I have my fingers crossed that I'll be one of the satisfied ones because if I'm not then HC at Home, my gastro consultant and my IBD nurse will all be getting an earful from me!!!
I'm sorry I can't answer your questions about the nurse, etc. I'd be interested in any answers you do get though.
Bunty x
I was shown how to use the pens at the Hospital. Health Care At Home just deliver the Humira. Have never had a problem.

They are pretty good over the phone so maybe you could phone and ask.
Hi, i've been with HaH for about 3months now. All I can say is they've been fantastic so far. The first delivery arrived on time and the driver explained how to store the drugs until the nurse came to train me in injecting myself.It took about a week for HaH Nurse to organise an appointment. The delays were caused by my NHS consultant not speaking to my IBD Nurse.

When the Nurse arrived she spent about an hour explaining the pen, how to store them and inject myself as well as answering all my questions and reassuring me. I then injected myself with the initial loading dose of 4 pens which I found that were perfectly fine. The Nurse continued to monitor me for half an hour in case of adverse effects and arranged a replacement sharps bin as the previous one arrived locked. The new bin arrived the following day.

I have now used up my original supply of pens in rotation and they have rung me to organise a new delivery of them. They are able to give you a two hour delivery slot in which you need to stay in.

So far the experience has been nothing but exemplary. In addition to an experienced Nurse training you, they also leave literature and a DVD which explains how to inject and re-order supplies. This pack also contains stickers which you can apply to the days for injection and delivery in a diary. Perhaps the handiest thing is a card explaining to someone why you might need to use a disabled toilet.

It's obvious a lot of thought has gone into the literature and the training. The NHS can be a little ad hoc at times but this was a really positive experience.

P.S. The Nurse told me not to bother to use the alchol swab as it would toughen my skin and mame no difference as I was injecting my own flaura and fauna.