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Humira and herpes

I have been recently diagnosed with herpes type 2, genital herpes. The diagnosis is pretty emotionally shattering. I've already been dealing with crohn's for a number of years. I am on Humira for it and I think that assisted in my contracting hsv-2, btw condoms do not protect totally against herpes. I am a guy. So I have stopped taking my humira out of fear that the herpes could spread all over my body. People can self infect, scratch an itch then rub your eye and boom, you can get it in your eye. It can get onto your skin anywhere, into your spinal fluid. Most of these bad expereinces are under the category of people with weakened immune systems, which is why I am afraid of the humra.

I can't find many people or information on this. Google searches seem to return people wondering if humira causes it, but not many experiences of people having hsv-2 and taking humira. Maybe because it's too embarrassing to admit. So I welcome any advice even if you have to private message me.

I tell you having two chronic diseases seems like more that I can bear. I'm feeling tremendously low. so is it take humira to keep crohn's down and risk hsv breakouts or worse or quit the humira and risk crohn's flares. Honestly I think I'd take crohn's flares.


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Although I can understand your concern about this, I don't think that stopping medication that has been working for you is necessarily a good idea. I have been getting cold sores (hsv-1) most of my life - and have not noticed any increase in eihter severity or occurance since I started Remicade over 7 years ago. I would assume it should be the same por similar with hsv-2.....

With any type of herpes, there are periods of remission, and having medications on hand to shorten any outbreaks is key too. I use Zovirax on any cold sores, and that helps to shorten the time blisters are present. In fct, I am just getting over a cold sore on my lip...and while it doesn't look too pretty (at the scab stage), it was a minor inconvenience - one I will ake any day over getting my Crohns' symptoms back!
Thanks pasobuff, I appreciate your response. I am taking acyclovir twice a day. My first outbreak was pretty minimal, just a rash on my legs, flu like symptoms, no sores. I've never had any sores, at least not yet. I'm really freaked out by knowing I have this chronic illness. I fall asleep thinking about it and wake up thinking about it. I was pretty cool with my crohn's it was not really affecting me.
Hey, I've recently been diagnosed as well. Feeling pretty much like you said in your post. Just wondering how you were doing 5 years later? Any advice? Just looking for some hope.