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Humira and immunosuppresants

Hello again!

As a lot of you have probably seen, my husband is set to start Humira (whenever insurance ok's it, it's been a nightmare to get it approved between the doc office, it's been 2 weeks...... etc anyway) his GI doc wants to keep him on mercaptopurine for 2 years along with Humira. Neither one of us are super comfortable with that idea and we are going to ask if he can taper off the mercaptopurine and track his antibodies and then add something in IF he starts to build antibodies. His aunt (crohns also) has done Humira only for 15 years and never had an issue and has been in remission except 1 minor flare ever since. But his doc acts like while he doesn't "have to" he would like him to and says it lowers the risk of antibodies, but my research seems to show that as being a little more old school. Obviously we will be discussing this with his doc whenever he goes in for his loading dose and I know the mercaptopurine will have to be weaned down, not cold turkey. But any feedback would be greatly appreciated. Thanks so much!