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Humira and Methotrexate

Can I inject Humira and take Methotrexate pills on the same day ?

Are Methotrexate pills meant to be taken at night ?

Current treatment :
Humira isn't working.

New treatment :
Stelara, Entocort, Methotexate, Folic Acid.
New meds I am starting this week :
Folic Acid
Stelara needs prior authorization before I can start the Stelara.
In the meantime, my doctor says to continue with my weekly Humira Injection Pen until the Stelara is approved.
The Entecort is every day, 3 capsules.
Folic Acid pill every day, except the day I take Methotrexate.
The Methotexate is 5 pills once a week.
Stelara will be an infusion, then injection syringe every 8 weeks.

I'm normally very organized, but now I am getting confused about these new meds.


Staff member
MTX can be taken at night -for kids, they generally suggest you give them at night so that the kiddo sleeps through the worst of the side effects. That applies to adult too but if you find you have no side effects, you could change the time. I know one kid who takes MTX before school and is fine. For kids they also suggest you take MTX on the weekend since then if they do have side effects, they don't have to miss school (or for adults, work).
It is fine to take MTX on the same day as a biologic, but when you're starting two new things, it might be better to space them out so you know if you have side effects, which med they're coming from. If you're going to be on Humira for several weeks, that's fine but if you get Stelara next week for example, then I'd make sure MTX and Stelara are on separate days so if you do have side effect, you know if it's from MTX or Stelara (unlikely to be from Stelara though).
Some people do better with MTX injections if they do have side effects with the pills. Both my girls had to switch to the injection.