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Humira and pregnancy

I am going to be starting Humira soon and would also like to start a family in the next few years. I am hoping that the Humira starts to help my fistulizing crohns that has recently become more of a problem. I tend to lean to the more alternative treatments but I have realized that a biologic is the course I need to take.
If anyone has any stories of being on Humira and having kids I would greatly appreciate it.
I had my little girl last year and I was on cimzia(similar med) when we were TTC and up until I was 28 weeks pregnant. It was an easy choice for me to stay on the medication as without it I don't know if I could have become pregnant or if I would have been healthy enough to carry to full term.
I had a really easy pregnancy and I felt great but it can go either way so it's worth discussing a back up med plan with your GI just I case you need it whilst pregnant. You will also probably be recommended to take extra folic acid whilst TTC so would be worth speaking to them about that too.
With the birth I was told a c-section would be best because of my disease location and this may be what they suggest to you too but it is your choice and it's important to weigh up the pros and cons of vaginal vs c-section. I had a planned c-section as this was what I and my Drs thought would be best. I healed very quickly from surgery and had no complications I was very lucky and was up and about doing normal things within a couple of weeks. My little girl had to stay in hospital for a week after she was born as she had low blood sugar but this was just because she was a lazy feeder had one breastfeed after she was born then decided she would sleep lots. I combi fed her breast and bottle as she wasn't getting enough from me but since then she hasn't had any other problems.
When my daughter was coming up to 4 months old I was hospitalised for a few days with a very sudden flare and at that point started all the meds again but it was nice to have a break from it all for a while.
Hope this helps and if you want to ask anything else I can try and answer it for you. Good luck with starting your family it's a really exciting time
I am now 7 weeks pregnant and I have been on Humira for 6 months. I did a LOT of research before I agreed to take Humira because I was concerned about having babies. I feel very comfortable that it is the best course of action. Be prepared to take the Humira for at least 3 months before TTC, you really need to be in complete remission before you can sustain a healthy pregnancy. Good luck!
Hi ladies,

don't know if you've read my story. I was also on Humira during my pregnancy and me and my baby got tuberculosis. I would be very, very, very careful taking that strong medication during my pregnancy. I e.g. will never ever take any kind of TNF blocker or very high doses of cortison or the like during my next pregnancy. It almost killed me and my baby. We're both on medication. My baby is so far doing good however I've still issues with the bacteria. I just hope that I didn't get a relapse or that TB destroyed more of my body than at the beginning thought. Humira does also state that TB is possible and suggest to stop Humira 5 months before getting pregnant. There are also other ways to be in remission e.g. regular CRP measuring during pregnancy or Budenosid instead of Humira.

Its just my experience I'd like to share with you however it's still your decision. By the way..my doctor didn't want me to stop Humira at all during pregnancy..we almost argued about it as I wanted to stop it around week 20. Now that he heared that I got TB he told me that it was good that I wanted to stop it earlier and he will never suggest it to other pregnant patients excep there is no other alternative.

Good luck!
Wondering about the 3-5 month rule of thumb mentioned above. My doctor didn't really mention anything. I only just started with Humira last month (after Cimzia for a few years), but have been trying to start a family for awhile now..something to consult w/an OB or my GI?
I'm now 25 weeks pregnant and my GI doctor has just recommended that I come off Humira one month before I am due to give birth. Apparently that is the most recent recommendation from the medical industry (NOT the drug manufacturer - they want you to stay on it), in order to reduce any risk of your immune system not coping with say, an infection if you end up having a c-section. Humira leaves your body after 10-20 days.

I will go straight back on when my baby arrives, as after-birth flares are a known phenomenon and I don't want to run the risk. The molecules in Humira WILL cross the placenta but only in very small amounts in the third trimester. But cannot pass through the breast glands into breast milk. The only other thing I'm aware of is that they don't recommend you give your child live vaccines, like norovirus, for the first 6 months of their life.

I tried to conceive for several years, in the end I believe I finally got pregnant because (a) I was in remission and eating a very clean diet; but also (b) I was taking vitex herb (Femaprin, available on Amazon) which supported progesterone production in my body. Crohn's and medications can really screw with your hormonal balance.

Good luck!!!