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Humira and tooth infection

Hi All,

I started Humira (loading dose) 13 days ago and I am due to get my second shots tomorrow morning.

Last Wednesday, the 3rd April, I had to get a tooth removed on the lower jaw. The tooth was cracked right down to the root and had to come out. The extraction was pretty brutal and the dentist said there is an infection that is still present today, even after 5 days of Amoxicillin antibiotics. I now have a dry socket http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Alveolar_osteitis in the tooth and its extremely sore.

To make maters worse I am due to go on holiday on Thursday for 10 days, a trip I have planned for 8 months since my surgery last summer and the timing has been crap.

Can anyone recommend anything to help the infection in the tooth heal whilst I am on Humira? Has anyone experienced anything similar?

Many Thanks

Wow! That's awful. Have you asked your doctor for advice on dealing with the infection? They may want to back off the Humira until your infection has cleared up.

I've never had a dry socket, but I know that rinsing/gargling with hot salty water can help your mouth heal after a tooth extraction and it should help with the infection also. As hot and salty as you can stand it, several times a day.