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Humira causing Asthma?

So I've been on Humira for a year now and since then I've had multiple infections! I don't take the Humira when I'm sick and I follow instructions when to take it again after I'm well enough. I still get sick on and off it. I work in the schools as well so I'm exposed to everything there.

Now I'm being sent for a breathing test as the doctors want to make sure there is no other underlying cause so if I need to be on longer antibiotics then so be it. I've seen an allergist now as well as asthma/allergies are connected. I have allergies but ive never had typical symptoms of it. Now they want to check me for asthma

Curious to know if any of you on Humira also was diagnosed with asthma shortly after. I found this study http://www.jrccm.org/upload/sayi/11/J Chest Dis Crit Care-00041.pdf

my little penguin

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Humira doesn't make you any more likely to get the common cold
Ds started biologics at age 8 and humira at 9
Biologics only make you more susceptible to opportunistic infections
(I.e. You get the flu your more likely to contract pneumonia afterwards)

No more infections and healthier than my non ibd kiddo

Ds has had asthma since age 2
Atopic individuals are more likely to get an autoimmune disorder since a lot of the genes over lap

Immunodeficiency can however mimic Crohn's disease which results in more infections

Hope you get to the bottom of it sokn