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Humira, Crohns, and Diverticulitis

Hey everyone! I was on Humira for 5 years and then went off of it (with doctor approval) because I thought it was causing severe chronic post nasal drip. Turns out the PND was caused by silent reflux and once I got that under control, my PND went away (for the most part). I've been managing my crohn's with diet and pentasa-like medication (which I hate and stopped using); however, I stared having problems last year and the results of my colonoscopy showed some very minor crohns but a huge flare of diverticulitis (which I didn't know I had). I started a regiment of antibiotics for the diverticulitis and it cleared up; however, it keeps coming back every few months (at least I think that is what it is and the doc thinks so too... c-diff negative) and it is extremely painful. My question is... the doc says I can go back on Humira, but I only want to do so if it help my diverticulitis too. I don't want more problems, so if the Humira makes the diverticulitis worse, I don't want to take it. Any thoughts?