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Humira failed and already had surgery


I started on Humira first after two admissions in July but then ended up in emergency surgery on 1st August. I have a stoma (hopefully temporary) that isn't settling, and today got a call from an IBD nurse telling me to stop the Humira because my bloods are 'deranged'. I assume that means that they are out of the normal range. My understanding is that the biologics are usually the step before surgery, but being as I've already had surgery and it still isn't under control I have no idea what comes next. Am also confused as the nurse said the blood results from last week show my immune system is very depressed, which is why I'm being taken off the Humira, but I thought that was what it was meant to do, in order to get the disease into remission? Am having terrible problem with joint pain, which is getting bad enough that I've cried trying to get up the stairs, and they hoped the Humira would help with that too. I asked what comes next and was told they would be in touch after speaking to my consultant. I was only diagnosed in April and am still very confused by a lot of this stuff.

Has anyone experienced anything similar?

Really have had enough of this, but suspect most people around here have!!!
The Humira could be suppressing your bone marrow. I had a similar problem with Remicade, but probably not as severe. My white blood count was low for about a year, now it's near normal. Stay away from sick people, because your body will not be able to fight off infections right now. Hopefully you will hear from them soon. It's not the easiest illness to have, just don't give up, and keep fighting. :ghug: