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Humira frequency change?

Time to change the frequency. Should we? Wanted to share & see what others in the forum feel about it.

6 months on Humira 40ml every 14 days...The GI doctor now suggesting to move to every week based on the latest lab work (below)
CRP = 1
ESR = 18
Calprotectin = 153

More than the inflammation numbers she is more worried about these & want to be proactive before things flare up
Adalimumab Drug Level - 6.2
Anti-Adalimumab Antibody - 182

Symptom wise my son is doing fine (nothing obvious from outside)...gaining weight as well.
Hi there,

My son was on Humira 40 ml every 14 days for around a year, and then this summer had similar test results as your son: calprotectin up, drug level around 5.5, and antibodies around 175. Our doctor immediately increased frequency to every week, and also added in weekly methotrexate injections of 25 mg to deal with the antibodies. He has had no issues being on the increased dosage.

When she rechecked everything, calprotectin was below 50, antibodies were undetectable, and trough level was VERY high. So high that she had him try out going back to every 14 days, but he actually started showing some gastrointestinal issues within a few days of the first missed dose, so she had us go back to weekly.

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Ds was humira for over 4 years
Every 14 days -one year
Every 10 days one year
Every 7 days one year
And every 5 days for 1.5 -2 years
No side effects
Was fine

he currently takes Stelara and mtx since 2017


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Yeah, the blood and fecal labs aren’t too alarming but the trough level is on the lower side and he is forming antibodies so I would go ahead and trial the once a week dosing for awhile. You don’t want to lose a drug that is working due to antibody formation.

Good luck!


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Yes, I would definitely change the frequency since it does appear that Humira is working for him. His CRP, ESR and Fecal Calprotectin quite good (FCP is not normal certainly but it's not through the roof). The issue is that he is building antibodies and a higher dose will help the drug stay effective. My daughter went from Humira every other week to Humira weekly and it made a HUGE difference for her (Humira every 2 weeks was not working). She was also put on MTX at the same time.

The weekly Humira + MTX worked like magic for her. This was before antibody tests were available so I don't know if she had antibodies, but the change to weekly Humira was really miraculous for her.

You definitely don't want to lose a drug that is working since there are so few biologics for Crohn's. I'm so glad he's gaining weight and otherwise doing well!
Thanks all for your valuable insights. Decision making becomes easier when you hear back from people who have gone through this. Amazing community ! Just hope some day they find a permanent cure....hard to fathom that your little ones will need to deal with this life long.