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Humira/high risk group?

This is my first post here! I'm glad this forum exists and learned a lot from reading you these pas weeks :)

I was diagnosed with Crohn's two months ago after over a year of misdiagnose wandering.
I've been on prednisone since the diagnose - started at 60mg and now at 5mg for another two weeks. Up until 10mg it worked wonders on both my stale and joints pain, so much that I'd forgive it for nearly loosing my job after snapping at my boss for no reasons, and having my leg dancing on its own all night!
Tomorrow or the day after, I'm meant to get my first Humira dose. I'm impressed for having to inject myself, but a nurse will help me and I'll reming myself that little kids with diabetes do it daily fingers in the nose.
I'm having concerns about its immunosuppressant nature. Does Humira make you a high risk person? How badly?
Covid's on the rise again where I live and even though I've been very careful since the beginning, it's not the case of everyone around me. It has me wonder how much more careful I should be? I'm thinking covid right now, but I mean in general colds etc. I asked my GI when was the best time to do my pneumococcal vaccine and covid booster but he wasn't so sure of the interferences and said he'll let me know which haven't been too reassuring!
These two months of prednisone really helped shut my inflammation down and having finally wake up from over a year in a secondary state, I'm a bit reticent to the idea of willingly weakening myself.
Although I'd rather be isolated in prevention than marginalised sitting on the toilets 😬

my little penguin

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So steriods such as prednisone are far riskier in terms of COVID or the flu
Humira means your immunocompromised
No more likely to catch a cold ,flu ,COVID etc…
But more prone to opportunistic infections (such as pneumonia) which follows the flu or COVID .

best prevention is vaccines ,masks and hand washing

my kiddo has been on biologics including remicade ,humira and now Stelara for 10 years

vaccines including flu and COVID we schedule him for half way between injections

your first two injection cycles are larger than normal doses to boost your system
Then most Go to either weekly or every two weeks
Once your at every two weeks of 40 mg then 7 days after your last injection would be 7 days before your next injection
Would be when my kiddo would get a vaccine

He is currently on Stelara and methotrexate
He has gotten 4 COVID vaccine shots
Three in the initial series since he is immunocompromised and the 4th was a booster
He is due for a second booster soon

since they recommend two boosters for immunocompromised

he just wears a kn95 mask or n95 mask
Avoids large crowds but that is all

good luck with humira
I was on humira.
I never catched any infection or noticed it weakens my immune system. No need to stay isolated dont worry.
The only bad side effect I had was a much sensitive and drier skin that lead to some issues and needed a particular attention