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Humira Injection Video

I was going to post this in Jeff's thread but figured it might get buried. I made a video of myself injecting the Humira Epi Pen so people have an idea of the process involved.

I forgot to note that you should alcohol prep the area but otherwise this is how you do it =)

Please ignore my Pred induced gut please. And I was/am tired so I look like crap, again please ignore.


My Butt Hurts

When I stop drooling over that delightfully hairy belly, I will have a more appropriate reply.

The needle doesn't feel that long Jeff. It pops back up in the syringe thingy when you're done. It seems like maybe as long as a thumbtack.
My husband always did the shots for me, so I can't tell you about recoil. He pressed kinda hard, and you can see the circular mark on Drew's belly. You'll want to press a little hard just to make sure it goes in. It doesn't take much force at all to press the button though. People have been known to press it by accident, that's how little force it takes. Also, some people jump at the sound, and then miss themselves, I guess.
Did you watch the video on www.myhumira.com ? It is a very good explanation.

Where's Isla?? I LOVE youtube!!!
I gotta go watch that again....
That's pretty nifty. When I was on Humira I had draw up the fluid from a little bottle into a syringe. I'm a little needle-phobic, so just the thought of sticking one in my belly freaked me out, I always did it in the leg.
wow, that was a LOUD 'click!'
sure looks like it would hurt, the blood clot stuff they put in my belly
hurt. But glad it doesn't.
Someone lives close to a train, eh? :)
Yep I live near a train haha.

You don't have to put a ton of pressure on in order to inject. You just don't want the needle coming out while you are injecting. The plunger takes almost no effort at all. It does sting a little bit when the medicine is going in but it really doesn't hurt, but that's just my experience. Others have said it does hurt them so your mileage may vary.
Drew, a wee question. On youtube, are you "Go Tissues" or "Got Issues"????

That's a great explanation of Humira. It really is that simple. Although, the plunger button is very touch sensitive. As soon as you touch it, the pen goes in.

Jeff, you can't feel the needle going in at all, so it doesn't matter how long it is. I found that it was just after the meds went in that I got a severe tingling sensation. Believe me, I am the most needlephobic person in Ireland, and if I can do it, any one can.

You do have to press quite hard to get the end of the pen to push back into itself. this is a safety mechanism, the pen won't work until this is pushed in. once the end is pushed into itself and you press the release button, the needle goes in. when you release the pressure and the end comes back out, the needle moves back up into the pen. So you never actually see any needle. This is why it's important to keep the pressure on the pen until the yellow flag appears in the window.

Good luck.


Wow, he is calm on that video. I have done many Humira shots and they are all very painful. Not a big deal, you just grit your teeth, and the pain goes away when the shot is done in a few seconds. Just don't want to sugar coat it!
I used to do it on my thighs. Everyone on here is saying they didn't feel the shots at all but I was always able the feel the needle and I couldn't stand these shots. Maybe my legs are just sensitive because I've never had a problem with any needle not even IVs for the transfusions. I would have preferred to have a syringe and inject myself.
Also I'm one of those people that has jumped at the sound and completely missed myself before. lol
Hiya Duke, I'm up in Donegal.
Is your consultant Dr.Buckley?

Humira is a good option, if Infliximab hasn't worked for you.
It's fairly easy to manage, now that it comes in a Pen.
I got nervous just watching this! Was only slightly easier than giving the shot to myself.

thanks for sharing.
i know...i started watching a second one,....then a third.

*sigh* i can't watch any more. Just had my shot yesterday. Seeing the pen, watching them take the cap off....hearing the clicks and pneumatic hiss.

Watching them before I was on Humira they looked more painful than they are. Watching now that I'm on too, not much easier.

It's almost like I suddenly have this OCD issue. I think about it for 2 weeks. The date is marked on the calendar. My pda dings a 3-day notice. Day of involves timing. The rituals feed the anxiety. Thirty mins out I take a mild tranq for my nerves. 20 mins out I get the pen out to relax to room temps. Gather ice, paper towel, alcohol swipe, glass of water and band-aid......

watching the videos is like exposure therapy. I flinched when he pops it on this video.....and the next two.

sry for rant. I did appreciate how calm he was. Very matter of fact. I hope to be as un-nervous as Drew is in this video, someday. :-S