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Humira issue?

I did my injection and after the shot a bunch of it leaked out of my leg! not a little drop it was literally going down my leg. Anyone had this happen before? Do I need another shot or call my GI? I really do not want to flare this week.
I called them on Monday still waiting for them to call back, Now I have a stomach flu so maybe it was a blessing in disguise!
I had this happen to me as well. I called the Humira folks at their 1-800 number and they have nurses on staff that you can talk to and they can advise you based on a bunch of questions they ask you. I had to reinject myself twice, but they told me not to bother the one other time it spilled.

It's easier to reach Humira then it is to get a hold of my own doctor, especially at this time of the year!