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Humira Loading doses

I have not yet started on Humira. I'm still in the process of being diagnosed. But my GI doc mentioned starting on a biologic once it was diagnosed and Humira is the one that is covered by my insurance plan. I assume I'll start on that.

I've read a lot about people saying the loading doses are the worst. What's so bad about them as compared to the other times?

Also...does anyone know if the shots compare to allergy shots? I get those monthly and was curious if the pain was similar to those.

I am a very petite and thin person naturally and probably could be considered underweight right now since I lost about 7 pounds in the hospital. I worry I won't be able to find a "fatty" enough spot to inject the shots. The idea of injections in the arm sound more appealing than the leg or the stomach, perhaps because I am used to it already.

I know my worry is premature since I am not even slated to start Humira yet, but was just looking to gain more knowledge about it. Thanks
They didn't bother me much. I did one in each side of my stomach and one in each thigh. On the same day I also did a metho injection.

Personally, the Pen Humira injections hurt more than my syringe metho injections. Just burns a bit, but still no biggie.
I did all my loading doses in my stomach. The thought of it was far worse than the actual thing. It's just a bit of a sharp sting.