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Humira making things worse?

I've been on Humira since last October, when my most recent flare started. At first I was on it once every other week, now once a week. About a month and a half ago, I added Methotrexate to the mix because my most recent colonoscopy showed my Crohn's is spreading and I have been having a lot of symptoms.

Last week, due to a mix up with my specialty pharmacy, I didn't have any humira. About 4 days ago (about a week and a half after my last dose) I noticed the first BM of the day was perfectly normal. And I was in a lot less pain than normal. Anyway, yesterday, they delivered my Humira, and I injected last night. This morning, I had explosive diarrhea and have had intense pain all day. I plan on calling my doctor on Monday, but I'm wondering if anyone had worse symptoms while on Humira?
I don't know that the humira would be causing it by itself, but maybe the combination of humira and methrotrexate is the issue? Either way I'd talk to your doctor and see what he thinks, but that's my initial impression :)